zaterdag 9 juli 2011

Baby cuteness

My dear friend Astrid gave birth to a little baby boy and I wanted to make him some cute gifts. So I made him a Dachshund (pattern in Dutch), a washcloth and a tiny basket (both my own design):
I also made a starsgarland (I already gave Astrid a hearts garland in the same colours during her pregnancy). The stars I made from a tutorial by Michelle. The cute felt Dachshund in pink and blue were made by Erica, a.k.a. the wonderful Mrs. Felt from Crochet meets Felt. So I think we can say......the Crochet meets Felt range of baby products is born! More to come, because we're exploding with ideas. That's what creative minds do, don't they, you're working on something and the next idea is already filling your head!

Hasta luego!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Floortje, ze zijn echt prachtig...het hondje vind ik geweldig !


  2. once again you are hitting the spot!!! Fabulous ideas and fabulous work.....congrats

  3. Super Leuk Setje!
    Ik zat er ook aan te denken om wat babyhaakwerkjes te maken....
    Slinger.... Hangers....
    Gewoon Leuk :)
    Kwam omdat ik wat had gehaakt in opdracht.... En dacht toen... Goh is zo wie zo wel leuk om te doen ....

    Dit setje valt vast in de smaak!

    Groetjes van Ivonne


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