maandag 23 januari 2012

Winterwarm cushion

Although we're having a wonderful, warm and sunny winter here in Andalusia, the nights are quite cold, so then it's really nice to cuddle up on the couch, fire burning and a soft woolen cushion behind you:
Again I used a pattern by Michelle: Grandma's Sweet As Pie cushion.
It's so comfortable to work with wool during a cold winters night! So I'm using the same colours for a Granny blanket, joining as I go, so the more I crochet....the warmer I get...

Hasta luego!

zondag 22 januari 2012

Baby pink

My dear friend Debby gave birth to a beautiful baby girl...what a great excuse to get out all my pinks and create a girly gift! I made a garland using Michelle's Grandma hearts tutorial and a babyowl with Matawi's pattern (I altered it a bit though, crocheted little hearts for wings and added little plumes for extra cuteness):
Hasta luego!