dinsdag 14 juni 2011


Every village and city in the South of Spain (Andalucia) celebrates it's own Feria, a yearly returning celebration of Southern Spanish culture. In the village where we live, the Feria is in may and it is a BIG fiesta! In the streets and squares people are dancing, mostly Sevillanas, a form of Flamenco dancing originating in Seville. Women are dressed in traditional Flamenco dresses and the streets look very colorful. In the evening (and for Spanish people this means starting at about 22.00 o'clock!) there is a huge fair at the 'recinto ferial' a large area just outside the centre, that every village has. The fair is full of roller coasters, merry go rounds etc., stalls with food and drinks and very loud music. And there are 'casetas', large tents where there are performances of local dancing schools and musicians. And more drinks...
I have been taking Sevillanas classes for a year and a half now, so I dared to try a few Sevillanas in the church square with my fellow students. I dressed up in black and red, put a large flower and red comb in my hair and wore the bag I especially crocheted for this occasion:
The use of your hands is very important when dancing Sevillanas, so I had to have them free... I used Sara's pattern for this bag, made it slightly bigger and added a cord to put it around my shoulder. When you put the cord inside, it's an evening bag.

Hasta luego!

maandag 13 juni 2011

A BIG thank you!

One of the most wonderful things about blogging, I think, is that you get to meet new people without actually meeting them. Because you share the same hobby or admire each others work a bond starts to grow and with each blogpost and comment you post on each others blog you get to know one another a little bit better. And it is wonderful to see how much love goes around in blogland!
But when I commented on Maartje post about her crocheted rosettes and she wrote me she would send me one....this was not at all what I expected:
Isn't she sweet? She made me a special Dutch rosette, which already has a special place in my kitchen, which is full of Dutch/Delft Blue stuff and a sweet rosette in pastels. And in stead of a pattern (she designed the rosette herself) she made me a step-by-step tutorial! What a gift! Thank you so much Maartje! I'm working on a little Spanish gift for you.....

Hasta luego!