zaterdag 24 december 2011

Another Christmas card

Another Christmas card I made...this one I have sent to my youngest sister:
I got the inspiration for this one from Inge's blog.

Hasta luego!

woensdag 21 december 2011

Christmas cards....finally!

I finally got to making Christmas cards....and ooh how I love to make scrapcards! I really should do it more often.... For my dear Granny I made this card:
Of course I couldn't help myself...and crocheted a little star for it from Michelle's Grandma Twinkle Tutorial.
For my mum, who obviously loves purple, I made this card:
I used my new Eline's Winterhuis Christmas Stamps; I bought them at by new favourite webshop!
The crocheted tree is from Michelle's Grandma Tree Tutorial. I used it as well for my eldest sisters card:
I  made the paper with the words to "Jingle Bells" myself. Just choose a nice Christmassy font, write the words for a Christmas song, mark a few words in colour and print. I'm off to make some more cards.....

Hasta luego!

maandag 19 december 2011

Home made presents and a 'heavenly' little corner...

I love making presents for someone, especially for people of whom I know they really appreciate it. Then I don't mind putting in some extra effort. So first I made this candle jar from the pretty trim tutorial by Lucy. If you use Lucy's tutorial, please be kind and make a donation....I did and it is so worth it! Then secondly I made a very colourful garland, using the same colours and the Granny figurines tutorials by Michelle:

Although I love colours, in my sunny (and tiny!) house, white, with of course a little red, work really well for some christmas spirit:

And what better place to get inspired for that then Elly's blog...
Hasta luego!

vrijdag 16 december 2011

It's beginning to look, a bit, like christmas...

In the area I live in, I haven't really found a good thrift store. However...there is another, much more exiting way to find treasures: here, people just put everything they don't want anymore in or next to the large garbage bins you find on the side of the roads. On our way to town we pass at least 5 of these places and we always keep our eyes wide open! This is our latest treasury and I think one of the best we ever found, a wooden cabinet with drawers and doors. It now serves as a 'welcome to our house' on our patio. With some subtle decorations in a christmassy style:
Do you see the cute granny stocking? I made it from a pattern by the wonderful and talented Michelle. I bought it in her Etsy store. Michelle's had pompoms on the back, but my pompommaker hadn't arrived at that time, so instead I made the snowflake from 'Eline's Winterhuis' book:
Because it is such an easy to make pattern, I also made this one, which I adorned with a colourful trim I found at Lucy's blog:
And as a gift to my pregnant friend Debby, I made a cute babypink one as well:
Hasta luego!