donderdag 12 juli 2012

Crocheted sea life

"Can you crochet me some starfish, Mrs. Crochet?" asked my dear friend, Mrs. Felt. "Well, of course I can Mrs. Felt", I replied, "but can you felt me some stones to put them on then?" So I started crocheting was so much fun! Then some fish followed, a crab, and some shells. And being a very impatient girl....some crocheted stones too....
So now I'll crochet some more sea creatures to put on the felted stones be continued!

Hasta luego!

woensdag 4 juli 2012

Bunting Alice style

Recently I came across a wonderful idea: to have your own Alice in wonderland Mad Tea party... Linda was planning to have one for her birthday and I was totaly inspired by her preparations which I could follow through Pinterest and our Facebook 'Dutch Crochet' group. I started by collecting some things around my house, like the crocheted cupcake and flowery box, a nice teapot, an old clock... Then I made a garland from ribbon and some playcards. Of course I wanted to make something especially for this 'cause' so I made this bunting. The blue ones stand for Alice, the pink/purple ones for the Cheshire cat (and if you're not at all interested in the Alice in Wonderland theme....I hope you just like it for it's cuteness...):
You can find the pattern over here. Of course I made it a bit 'mine': I crocheted the parts together and made a picot edging on it.

What's next? Suggestions are always welcome...

Hasta luego!