donderdag 5 mei 2011

Queensday and an award

Holland is famous for it's national colour: orange. The biggest yearly celebration that turns ALL of Holland orange must be 'Koninginnedag', Queensday, on the 30st of april. So what do Dutch people living outside of Holland do on this day? They come together, all dressed in something orange, decorate a square and a Dutch bar and celebrate! Funny people....the Dutch...
A big part of celebrating Queensday are always the (flea)markets and I had a stand on the one in San Pedro de Alcantara, Marbella. Especially for this day I made some orange jewelry. Buddha's and orange belong together too and I'm trying to find out more about buddhism, so I made this jewelry that can also be worn after Queensday:
This shows part of my stall, all available colours were there actually...
...but when you look a little closer, there was indeed a lot of orange:
Marije gave me this lovely award, thank you Marije, I love your blog too!
I love so many's hard to pick just a few to give this award to...because I feel like selling lots of people short when I don't choose them. So let me start by saying that I'm really inspired by all the blogs I follow! Having said that, these ladies are really one of a kind:

Maartje, a Dutch lady who comes up with complete crocheted outfits for her girls for carnival and makes so many other wonderful things. And it is so nice getting to know her through blogland!
Ilse and Loes, two Dutch friends blogging together. Their blog is always so much fun to read (sorry for you non-Dutch, but it is written in Dutch...) and they make such beautiful cards and other scrappy things.
Michelle, who in my opinion is one of the most talented crochet designers of this moment. And the way she photographs her crochet....makes me want to move into her home and garden! Above all that she is such a kind person, leaving sweet comments on my humble work.
Sara, who has an amazing talent for finding the most wonderful crafty projects on the internet and sharing them with all of us. And in between, she surprises us from time to time with a project of her own, including a tutorial (to be honest...she drives me crazy....I want to make EVERYTHING she posts......).

Hasta luego!