dinsdag 29 januari 2013

Extra happy hangers and a fancy cloth

In dottie angels first book, I found the pattern for the 'Happy hanger'. Since I used padded hangers, I had to double the pattern, hence extra happy hangers.... The first one got a picot edging as well.

 The cloth was just something I felt like making, I made it quite a while ago and now I finished it by adding the patch and the heart. Now I have to think of a 'use' for it...

Hasta luego!

maandag 28 januari 2013

Dotty Merino Blanket in vintage colours

In this post, I had just started this blanket...and now, only three and a half months later I have already finished it!

I really loved working on this blanket. The Merino wool is so soft and warm for your hands to work with. Especially toward the end of making this blanket, it was a joy to work on, cuddled up underneath the part that I'd already finished....and now it is big enough to fit our double bed.

I was inspired to make this blanket by Monique, when I saw her blanket from the same pattern. I used the full pattern though and she only used a part of it.
The colours where inspired by Cecile Franconie who uses a lot of naturals combined with colours.

Hasta luego!