maandag 25 april 2011


Making footstool covers has been on my wishlist for a while now. But first I had no footstools, then I found one to my liking on the Ikea site, but it wasn't in stock. And of course I have like a million other crochet projects already on my hook or on one of my looooong lists..... But then one day, the Ikea site showed that they were back in stock and I couldn't help myself. So I rushed to the store, painted the footstools with whitewash and while they were drying in the sun, I crocheted like a maniac, so now I have two:
Arent't these the best projects, the ones that really give you a big, happy, satisfied smile on your face? Sorry about my lack of modesty, but I love my new footstoolcovers!
I even used them in a 'photoshoot' I did of one of the Veladores in our garden. We rent them out en styled them with Maroccian details. My footstools fit in quite nicely, don't they?
Hasta luego!

vrijdag 22 april 2011

Inspiration from Holland

My trip to Holland has inspired my crafts hugely! First there was this beautiful towel from Pip Studio that I couldn't resist treating myself to. The colourscheme is so fresh and lovely that it inspired me to make another cushion from Michelle's Grandma's Garden pattern:
Even before I left for Holland, I already had one thing on my wish list: Eline's House book by Eline Pellinkhof. It is even more inspirational than I expected. Eline talks about her granny's buttons, so when I visited my sweet granny I asked her if I could browse through her buttons and she gave me a jar full of old pearly buttons. When at home, I crocheted a cream flower to decorate the jar. I also decorated wooden clothespins from an example in the book. And look at the lovely vintage ribbon my granny gave me...
I also made two more 'modern' looking clothespins and 2 more cards with the scraps from the cardkit I used for the cards in my last post.
Hasta luego!

dinsdag 5 april 2011

Cards and award

Although I had a big shortage of time....I 'had' to scrap....lucky me. My dear friend Astrid had her birthday last week (I hope the card has already arrived, otherwhise she sees it here first...) and I wanted to thank my mum for a wonderful week in Holland:
I haven't had time yet, to get my bloggin' up to date, so I just found out about the award that Maartje gave me, thank you Maartje!
The award involves telling 7 thing about yourself that your readers don't know yet.....uuuuuuh, I haven't got a clue what you know or don't know about me. Some blogfriends have been following me for a long time now and some of you are new blogfriends. So I'll just tell things that pop into my mind and I do appologize if they are 'old news'!
1. I have been living in the south of Spain for almost 4 years now, but was born in Amsterdam, the greatest city in the world! (but Malaga takes a good 2nd place...)
2. After doing a secretarial/management job for years (I actually studied for that) I started my own creative company in 2000. First I had a webshop in baby accesories en decorations. I was sewing 'till looooong after midnight because in daytime I had 2 little girls to look after. Since I started teaching jewelry making workshops in 2003 I never touched my sewing machine again....
3. I'm the eldest of 4, I have a brother and 2 sisters...none of them are creative! I inherrited that (a bit) from my mum, but mainly from her mum, my super sweet 91 year old granny.
4. Although I love many crafts, I always have periods in which 1 takes up most of my time. I went from embossed card making to sewing, to jewelry making to scrapbooking and now it's mainly crochet....but cross stitching is peeking around the corner and sometimes even my dusty sewing machine seems to call me again!
5. I can be totally obsessed with a project I'm working on: can't stop 'till way past my bedtime, dream about it, pop's right back in my head when I awake...and that process sometimes starts while I'm still working on another project!
6. I get really cranky when a day passes in which I could not do anything crafty. I'm always bursting with ideas, so I guess that when I can't realize any of them the pressure just gets too high.
7. I try to be very loyal to my blogfriends and feel really guilty if I haven't responded to their blogposts for a while. But a very busy life and poor internet sometimes just make it impossible. I seem to be the one that has the biggest problem accepting that fact are all so sweet and patient!

Thanks for all the lovely comments and for following me! I have already reached 106 followers, so that calls for a give away don't you think? I will come up with one soon, promise!

Hasta luego!