donderdag 24 februari 2011

French 'vintage' and an award

In a former life (living in Holland in a freshly build house) I had a country style interior. All naturals and white. Solid furniture with a romantic touch. Oooh how I loved that house and that style.......

Now we actually live in the country (mountainviews, olive trees, goats and sheep passing by) in an old country house and our style is like an outburst of colours! Not strange at all come to think about it, Andalucia has major Moorisch/Maroccian influences. And I love this house and style too!

But when I found a French cross stitch magazine in the store, full of lovely French vintage country style projects....(picture red hearts on natural coloured linen...) I couldn't help myself, but buy it. I haven't done a single cross stitch for quite some years now, but I think I will pick up a needle very soon. In the meanwhile it did inspire me to crochet some things in that style:
A soapbag (filled with Marseille soap, mmmm that smell!) and a washcloth , both my own dessigns. There is definately more to follow in this style...

And I was honered with an award by both Maartje and Marjo, THANK YOU big time ladies! Sorry I didn't post it sooner, but sometimes I'm just not connected to the rest of the world, because of a lack of internet connection (comes with actual country living in Spain....).

I'm supposted to give the award to new bloggers or bloggers that haven't got much followers yet so I would like to introduce Erica's and Astrid's blogs to you. Both really creative
(and sweet!) friends of mine, but not yet well known in blogland, which is really a shame because they both make such wonderful creations.

Enjoy your day....I know I will....the sun is out (it's almost too warm to actually sit in the sun) and the birds are making so much 'noise' in the garden, shouting out that spring is here!

Hasta luego!

maandag 14 februari 2011

Happy Valentinesday!

Well....I wasn't quite done making hearts and other romantic stuff....I just can't help myself...
So I made a card for the most wonderful husband in the world:
First time even I used glimmer mist, though it probably doesn't show in the picture...

I'm not really in a scrappin' vibe lately, but I was very inspired by the romantic hearts I saw on Dora's and Elly's blog. Mine turned out like this:
Of course I couldn't leave my crochet hook unattended for too long, so I made this little lady frog:
Got the pattern here. It is so easy to follow. I made several now, a plain green one, a hairy one, a christmas frog....looks like there's more of these to follow!

And last but not least, my valentine's jewelry collection...gotta be in style for every occasion...
The brooch was inspired by my sweet friend Paula, who unfortunately doesn't have a blog to show all of her wonderful creations to all of you.
I hope you all have a great day filled with love! Thanks for stopping by and leaving sweet comments, it's very much appreciated...

Hasta luego!

dinsdag 8 februari 2011

Love is in the air...

If I see all the Valentine's 'rubbish' in the stores I hastily walk by....but I love making my own Valentine's decoration though! And there is so much inspiration going around in blogland.
The inspriration for this heart shaped wreath I found on Bunny Mummy's blog:
It is so easy and fun to make, I used her tutorial but shaped my base into a heart.

The two crocheted bags, I designed myself, the bunny is from a pattern by Irene Strange (under the free patterns section). She didn't come out as perfect as the original, but I think that makes her even cuter...:
I didn't want everything to be pink, so I made some decorations in jeanscolours, the tutorial for the little heart I found on Tara's blog:
But I'm gonna leave you with an explosion of sweet colours again.....the hearts garland I made before using the granny hearts tutorial by Michelle, cookies pattern I found here (altered them a bit though) and the jar cosies I designed myself although the hearts are from the same tutorial I used for the garland (just used a smaller hook):
I'm afraid I'm not done with valentine's decorations yet, I just can't help myself. Next up is some scrapping...please come back soon!

Hasta luego!

p.s Because I seem to be honered more and more by visits from international blog readers, I changed the language of my blog posts to english...since I find the translations by google more of a laugh than they make a blog more sense to me...hope I'm not dissapointing my dutch readers now... X