dinsdag 14 februari 2012

Happy Valentines!

I wanted to work some more with Michelle's Grandma Rosie's Ring tutorial, the roses are so cute and romantic...! Perfect for some more Valentine crochet. I made three roses with the small leaves from the tutorial, but I was 'missing' something. So I made these really easy leaves et voilá:
I made a cover for a woodchip box and sewed the roses on top. Really easy peasy, but Oh! how I love the result.....happy valentines everyone!

Hasta luego!

vrijdag 10 februari 2012

Valentine bunting

I was totally inspired by Ivonne's post in which she showed the latest garlands she made to brighten up the grey Dutch winter days. She couldn't remember where she found the pattern, but to help me out anyway (isn't that sweet!) she sent me the link to these romantic ones by Hayley and o how I love these! On her Pinkfluffywarrior blog she has the pattern all written out. So when the romantic fool in me combined these triangles with Valentines....this is what I got:
Hasta luego!

maandag 6 februari 2012

Sweet Stuff

For a custom order I created these Valentine's cupcakes...and I loved them so much, I found it hard to ship them! So as soon as I returned from the postoffice, I made myself a new pair and a Valentine's donut as well:
 It's so addictive to crochet sweeties! So I also made a 'Tompoes" which is a typical Dutch treat. I got the pattern for the little one through the kindness of Margaret. Thanks again! It's a pattern from the "Hema" the famous Dutch store that sells loads of good stuff, including the real edible tompoes. But since I did not like the way the filling was made, I altered that. And designed the big one (which is an actual size tompoes) too.
And now I have this yummy collection of sweet stuff (to drool over without gaining weight!) standing on my diningroom table:

Hasta luego!

woensdag 1 februari 2012


Today is the first day of february, the month of St. Valentines. Although I always thought of it as commercial nonsense...I am a romantic fool, so I'll post lots of hearts, pinks and reds this month. 
This heart (officially it's a potholder, but I find it way too pretty to actually use it as such) was a lot of work. I added an extra pink layer in between the layers in the pattern, but I love the romantic (and slightly old fashioned) look of it!

I found the pattern at the Dutch version of the Drops/Garn studio site.

Hasta luego!